Please use QRISK®3. You can find the calculator here:

Explaining annual updates

We release a new version of QRISK® every spring, usually in April.

Annual updates are required because of:

These factors require us to remodel the QRISK® algorithm to the latest version of the QResearch® database each year to ensure the algorithm keeps up to date. If the algorithm is not re-calculated, then its performance would gradually decay and its clinical value would diminish as a result. We therefore re-fit the algorithm using a three quarter random sample of the QResearch® practices and incorporate this into the annual update of the software.

The change from QRISK®2 to QRISK®3 was such an annual update -- we thought that as we introduced several new parameters, we'd upgrade its major version number.

QRISK®3 is the standard version of QRISK® shipped in our software development kits. As these updates are deployed, all implementations will become QRISK®3 by default.


Still using QRISK®2-2017, 2016 or 2015?

That's just fine. They work very well. The older calculators are not quite as good as the newer ones, as population demographics and relative risks are slowly changing. We recommend that those who have integrated QRISK®2 into their own systems move to the QRISK®3-2018 score as soon as is practicable -- this means that they have the freedom to schedule the work needed into a convenient point of their release cycle.


We sometimes keep links to earlier calculators: